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Sports Massage For Amateur Athletes

Sports massage can benefit amateur athletes just as much as professional ones, helping prevent injuries, speed recovery time and ensure peak performance.

Massage before an event or workout can help protect against injuries and reduce muscle cramping risks, while improving range of motion and relieving any stiffness in your muscles.

What is a Sports Massage?

Sports massage is an alternative treatment method which utilizes manipulation of soft tissues (tendons, ligaments and fascia) in order to aid recovery from physical activity. It can also be used pre/post event and as part of training programmes to alleviate muscle soreness, tension and fatigue while preventing injuries.

Sports massage’s primary physical effect is breaking down adhesions in muscles. Adhesions form during our body’s inflammatory healing process and cause muscles, tendons and ligaments to stick together rather than move freely. Deep friction techniques used during sports massage aim to loosen and free these tissue structures so they can function normally again – giving us back our flexibility!

Sports massage has other physiological effects as well, including improving circulation and eliminating waste products (lactic acid) from muscles more efficiently, helping relieve DOMS more rapidly by decreasing build-up of waste products and allowing muscles to relax more quickly. Furthermore, slow effleurage techniques used during sports massage sessions promote relaxation and soothe nervous systems.

Keep in mind that sports massage isn’t exclusively reserved for athletes – it can benefit anyone involved with physical activity – whether you are an amateur runner, yoga instructor, or beginner boxer. In fact, sports massage is an excellent way to prevent injuries, particularly if they occur frequently.

Notably, if you have certain medical or musculoskeletal issues, receiving any type of massage – be it sports or otherwise – without first consulting with a doctor is strongly advised. Massage has the potential to exacerbate acute infectious disease; severe bleeding; arterial disease; aneurysm; hernia; skin infections; varicose veins and osteoporosis among many other conditions and diseases.

What Happens in a Sports Massage?

Sports massage can benefit anyone, not just professional athletes. From beginners who work out a few times each week to avid exercisers looking for ways to improve performance or relax muscle tension, soft tissue manipulation such as sports massage is ideal. “If you are pushing yourself physically too much without optimizing recovery sufficiently, symptoms such as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) or injuries could arise,” according to Kirkeby.

Regular sports massages can prevent and treat various issues, from minor aches and pains to long-standing ones such as chronic tension. Some benefits of getting regular sports massages may include:

1. Increased Lymphatic Drainage

As physical exertion causes excess fluid and metabolic waste to build up in tissues, leading to swelling. A good sports massage can significantly alleviate this issue by increasing venous return rate – thus decreasing venostasis and edema symptoms.

2. Increased Range of Motion

A professional sports massage can greatly enhance your flexibility by stretching tight muscle fibers. In addition, sports massage may help alleviate joint stiffness, improve posture and provide injury prevention measures.

3. Breaking and Eliminating Adhesions

Adhesions, formed as scar tissue from injury or trauma, restrict movement by muscles, ligaments and tendons and can prevent free shifting and movement of these structures. A deep sports massage can effectively break up and remove adhesions through friction techniques like petrissage to break apart adhesions and reduce their effect.

4. Pre-Event Massage

A light session performed 24 hours prior to an event or competition, pre-event massage helps prepare athletes for action by increasing blood flow to target areas, clearing away cellular waste and relieving muscle soreness and speeding recovery time. Effleurage, friction tapotement vibration are all used in this type of sports massage and should not cause significant pain; there may however be discomfort experienced during this type of sports massage session.

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