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I have been a devoted student of massage, yoga and all things healthy all of my adult life including over 30 years experience practicing and teaching yoga.
With foundations in Ashtanga, White Lotus Foundation, and Anusara Yoga, my class combines the best of those three styles to form a well-rounded, safe and effective approach to yoga.
I emphasize alignment, balance, breath, and address all muscle groups thru asana teaching a functional style of yoga to train the body for optimal strength, flexibility and movement thru life.


I was born and raised in Paris, France. After extensive traveling around the world, the Big Island stole my heart and I have called the Island home for over 18 years.

My love of nature and spiritual alignment led me to the practice of yoga. I have pursued personal practice and growth via retreats and  workshops in Europe and the US. After earning several certifications I started teaching at various resorts on Island.

To accommodate the my students’ various levels of experience, I have adopted a very gentle approach. It is Hatha based infused with bio-alignment and the Spirit of Aloha. I lead large or small groups for retreats and private lessons to help empower others.


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I am able to teach at all levels and incorporate classical and organic yoga postures linked with the breath in order to awaken and distribute energy throughout the body.

I primarily teach a Level 2 Vinyasa flow weaving in alignment cues but am able to teach a slower more alignment based class if the student wishes.

My teachers, Jim and Ruthie Bernaert, trained through Iyengar and then John Friend in Anusara yoga.
I completed my 200 Hour Immersion in 2015 and then my 200 Hour teacher training in 2017.

I meet the student where they are in their yoga journey and can customize the practice to their liking.  Those new to yoga will experience attainable postures with modifications for safety that will insure a feeling of success.
More experienced participants will be challenged to practice to the extent of their personal ability for a satisfying and balanced experience.  Attention to details will maximize the benefits of yoga for all participants. 


After several years of formal dance training resulting in several injuries; I gravitated to yoga for healing.
I studied classic style of Ashtanga Yoga for 10 years and then moved towards Hatha Vinyasa flow and incorporating parts of Kundalini.

After having traveled to India, Tibet, Nepal and Bali to deepen my Yoga practice, my classes focus on breath with mudra and some meditation.

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